8 of the best communication tips from dental experts – Dentistry IQ

Here are the three most valuable tips I have learned and applied from the Dale Carnegie Organization in Nurturing Relationships and Team building:
-Tina Calloway, [email protected]

If you’re wondering why your practice isn’t producing consistent results, you should consider a new morning huddle. Inspire, set the tone for the day, and establish daily performance outcomes for the entire team with the “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” format:
Complete the huddle by sharing your gratitude for the day. Investing in a simple 15-minute huddle is the best way to ensure better results.
-Gary Kadi, NextLevel Practice
One of the most important elements of the morning huddle is the look back at the previous day. This allows the team an opportunity to reflect and learn. Good questions are:
These opening questions focus the team on becoming a true learning organization and enable everyone to get the pulse of the practice.
-Sharyn Weiss, Pride Institute


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