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Frigid temperatures are forecast across the Puget Sound region through the weekend.
by Joel Moreno
OLYMPIA, Wash. — Stress and depression overwhelmed a young mother and led her to attempt to kill her own children, according to detectives with the Olympia Police Department.

Christina Booth, 29, went before a Thurston County judge on Monday, while prosecutors laid out their case against her.

Booth was "stressed out raising the children" during her husband's deployments with the U.S. Army and finally "hit her breaking point" this weekend, according to court documents.

On Sunday morning, Booth tried to kill her toddler and twin six-month-olds with a kitchen knife, detectives said.

A Seattle-based clinic called the Cooper House is trying to get the word out about the help they have for frazzled parents, saying infants cry even when they are healthy.

"Babies might be very fussy and there's nothing medically wrong or physically wrong with them," said Emily Anderson, a psychotherapist at Cooper House.

The Cooper House offers a program called Fussy Baby Network. It includes a statewide call line for parents who feel overwhelmed, and home visits for families in King County that need a hands-on demonstration on how to cope with an upset infant. Clinicians have advanced training and specialty in infant mental health.

"We are here for parents who are really at the end of their rope," Anderson said.

Fussy Baby Network began in Chicago and launched in Seattle just over a year ago. It's biggest challenge is letting stressed out parents know that they are here to help.

"Our message is you're not alone, and we're going to be in this together now," Anderson said.

To reach the group for help by telephone, call 206-906-9622 or visit their website here.


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