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For health advice or information, call Health Link 24/7 by dialing 811 or visit MyHealth.Alberta.ca. For more ways to reach Health Link, visit our Contact section.
For help navigating the health system, visit Navigation Services.
811 Health Link
Do you have health concerns about you or your child? Call Health Link and you have options to speak with a variety of health care professionals including registered nurses, dietitians, dementia specialists and mental health and rehabilitation clinicians. We will help determine the best care for your individual situation.
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health concern for yourself or a child
Primary Care Providers
Health Link works with different doctors and other health care providers to help figure out the best type of care for you. Based on the assessment of your symptoms, we are able to offer referrals to appropriate health care providers, clinics, and services, including some Primary Care Networks (PCNs).
For more information on PCNs, or to find a family doctor go to Alberta Find a Doctor.
Do you have a question or concern about an addiction or mental health issue? The Addiction Helpline and the Mental Health Helpline are both answered 24/7 by a team of registered mental health professionals (Social Workers, Psychologists, Nurses, Occupational Therapists) at Health Link. You can now dial 811 to easily reach our team.
Whether you are concerned about yourself or someone else, our team can give you advice, support (even during a crisis), and information about mental health and addiction resources anywhere in Alberta.
For more information, visit Addiction and Mental Health.
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Addiction & Mental Health support
Addiction & Mental Health support
The AlbertaQuits Helpline is a free, confidential, non-judgmental support service to help people cut back or quit using tobacco products. Our business hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week. Staffed with trained cessation counselors, who can give you information about quitting tobacco use, help you make a quit plan, help you deal with cravings and triggers, and give you ongoing support to help you stay motivated.
AlbertaQuits has many programs and services through groups, text, and online. To learn more, go to albertaquits.healthiertogether.ca. You can use the resources on your own or with phone counselling—whatever works best for you.
If you have a question regarding quitting, reducing commercial tobacco, vaping or would like support in your efforts, call 1-866-710-QUIT (7848) or Health Link at 811 and ask to speak to a Health Link AlbertaQuits Tobacco Counsellor. You can also complete our self-referral form and a Health Link AlbertaQuits Tobacco Counsellor will contact you.
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Dementia Advice responds to the immediate needs of persons with dementia living in community settings and their care partners, who require health related advice, education, information on community resources, and emotional support for events that occur during the course of dementia.
Between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. daily, you can phone 811 and press the option to speak to a nurse specializing in dementia. They will answer your call, go through an assessment and provide advice and resources for your immediate concerns.
After hours, Health Link staff will assess your needs and provide advice for your immediate concerns. When needed, you will be referred to a specialized dementia nurse for additional advice.
If you or someone you know is living with Dementia and have a question, call 811 and select the dementia advice line or complete our self-referral form.
Information for Patients & Families
Information for Health Professionals
Dementia Advice
Rehabilitation Advice Line
Do you have questions about a new or chronic bone or joint condition? Do you have questions about managing a neurological condition for yourself or someone else? Do you have concerns about your child’s development and well-being? Do you need help with recovering from COVID-19? Looking for in person rehabilitation services or clinics in your community?
Speak with an occupational therapist or physiotherapist about:
For more information, visit ahs.ca/ral.
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Do you have a nutrition question? Health Link has registered dietitians available to answer a variety of nutrition topics, such as healthy eating, pregnancy, breastfeeding or infant formula, health conditions (diabetes, high cholesterol, celiac disease, and more), eating after surgery, food allergies, and more.
If you have a nutrition question, call 811 and ask to talk to a dietitian or complete our self-referral form.
Please note, this service is for answering general nutrition questions only. The Health Link dietitian can help determine if you need further assessment or nutrition care from a dietitian. If you need additional support, they can:
Find out how to access a dietitian in your area and more information.
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Rehabilitation Advice Line
Let Us Help You Find Your Way
Need help finding the nearest immunization clinic? Wondering how to find a family doctor? Looking for a program to manage chronic disease or need to sign up for prenatal classes? Call Health Link for all your questions around where to go for health care and help navigating the health system.
Health Link experts will help guide you to the right care provider, at the right time, in the right place.
For more information, visit Navigation Services.
If you need health advice or information call Health Link 24/7 by dialing 811 within Alberta or visit MyHealth.Alberta.ca.
For internet users call 1-866-408-5465.
Use the following services to contact us:
If you would like more information about the services we offer, email healthlink@ahs.ca.
Our work takes place on historical and contemporary Indigenous lands, including the territories of Treaty 6, Treaty 7 & Treaty 8 and the homeland of the Métis Nation of Alberta and 8 Métis Settlements. We also acknowledge the many Indigenous communities that have been forged in urban centres across Alberta.
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